The Endorsement Primary: In presidential primaries, endorsements have been among the best predictors of which candidates will succeed and which will fail. [INTERACTIVE]

Bernie Sanders

Main article: Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, 2016 Former state governors Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, member of the Independence Party of Minnesota[209] State executive officials Current Doug Hoffer, Vermont Auditor of Accounts[210] Former Dudley Dudley, former New Hampshire Executive Council member, 1984 Democratic nominee for New Hampshire's 1st congressional district, Democratic political activist[211] Caroline French, former New Hampshire Executive Council member, Democratic activist from New Hampshire[84][212] State and local legislators Current Tim Ashe, Vermont State Senator[213] Mollie Burke, Vermont State Representative[214] Karen Clark, Minnesota State Representative[215] Robin Chestnut-Tangerman, Vermont State Representative[214] Amanda Curtis, Montana State Representative[216] Susan Davis, Vermont State Representative[214] Diana Gonzalez, Vermont State Representative[214] Sandy Haas, Vermont State Representative[214] Emily Hague, at-large Keene, New Hampshire City Councillor[217] Troy Jackson, Maine Senator, former Maine Senate majority leader, Democratic National Committee member[218] Juan Mendez, Arizona State Representative[219] Christopher Pearson, Vermont State Representative[220] Anthony Pollina, Vermont State Senator[214] Amy Sheldon, Vermont State Representative[214] David Zuckerman, Vermont State Senator[214] Former Daryl Beall, former Iowa State Senator[221] Burt Cohen, former New Hampshire State Senator[84] Tom Hayden, activist, author and former California State Senator[222] Mayors and other municipal leaders Daryl Justin Finizio, mayor of New London, Connecticut[223] Rod Sullivan, Johnson County, Iowa supervisor[224] Internet, radio, and television personalities Dan Carlin, political commentator, amateur historian, and podcaster[225] John Fugelsang, comedian, political commentator, host of Tell Me Everything on SiriusXM Insight[226] Thom Hartmann, radio host, author, former psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and progressive political commentator[227] Jim Hightower, columnist, political activist, and former commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture[228] Mike Malloy, liberal radio broadcaster[227] Bill Moyers, journalist, political commentator, and former White House Press Secretary[229] Tyler Oakley, YouTube, television, and podcast personality, humorist, author and advocate[230] David Pakman, host of The David Pakman Show syndicated on radio, television, and online[231] Mike Papantonio, attorney and radio talk show host (Ring of Fire)[232] Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., radio host, environmental activist, author, and attorney. Son of Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy, and nephew of John F. Kennedy.[233] Sam Seder, radio & TV talk show host for Ring of Fire Radio and, fill-in host for MSNBC and Current's Countdown[233] Bill Press, talk radio host, liberal political commentator and author, former chairman of the California Democratic Party[227] Ed Schultz, political commentator, author, and television and radio host[234] Cenk Uygur, internet host, former MSNBC contributor, and progressive political commentator[235] Celebrities Azealia Banks, Rapper, singer, and songwriter[236] Lewis Black, comedian, author, playwright, social critic, and actor[237] Dan Campbell, lead singer of The Wonder Years[238] Julian Casablancas, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, lead singer of The Strokes[239] David Crosby, singer-songwriter and musician[240] Danny DeVito, actor, producer, and director[241] Stanley Dural, Jr., better known as Buckwheat Zydeco, musician[242] Mia Farrow, actress, activist, and former fashion model[243] Deidre Hall, actress and activist[222] Mimi Kennedy, actress, author, activist[222] Rachelle Lefevre, Canadian actress, activist [244] Justin Long, actor[245] Brandon McCartney, better known as Lil B, rapper, record producer, author and motivational speaker.[246] Anaïs Mitchell, singer-songwriter and musician[247] Nicole Nelson, singer from The Voice[248] Patton Oswalt, comedian, writer, and actor[249] Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known as Diplo, DJ, music producer, rapper and songwriter[250] Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike, hip-hop recording artist, activist, and half of Run the Jewels[251][252][253] Mark Ruffalo, actor, director, producer and screenwriter[254] Susan Sarandon, actress and activist[255] Sarah Silverman, stand-up comedian, writer, producer and actress[256] Cole Sprouse, actor [257] Tennessee Thomas, musician, model and actress[258][259][260][261] Wil Wheaton, actor, writer and blogger.[262] Lucinda Williams, singer-songwriter[263] Neil Young, singer-songwriter and musician[264] Individuals Julia Barnes, former executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party[265] Noam Chomsky, linguist, philosopher, activist[266] Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-founders of Ben & Jerry's[267][268] Larry Cohen, former president of the Communications Workers of America and founder of American Rights at Work[269][270] Jodie Evans, co-founder of CODEPINK[271] Glenn Greenwald, American lawyer, journalist, author, and co-editor of The Intercept[272] Zaid Jilani, blogger and campaigner[273] Daniel Kellison, television and film producer[274] Bill McKibben, environmentalist, author, journalist, founder of climate change group[275] David McReynolds, former Socialist Party USA presidential nominee (1980 & 2000), pacifist activist, former chair of the War Resisters League (1986–88)[276] John Nichols, progressive journalist and author[277] Annabel Park, documentary filmmaker, political activist and community volunteer[278] Stanley Sheinbaum, American peace and human rights activist[279] Richard Stallman, software freedom activist and computer programmer, founder of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation[280] Bhaskar Sunkara, founder of Jacobin magazine[278] Matt Taibbi, author and journalist[281] Marianne Williamson, spiritual teacher, author, lecturer, founder of Project Angel Food[282] Newspapers and other media Addison County Independent[283] Ring of Fire, American talk radio program hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder.[284] Organizations Democratic Socialists of America, democratic socialist organization and a member of Socialist International[285] Friends of the Earth (US), non-governmental environmental organization [286] International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 2222 in Massachusetts[287] IBEW Local 159 in Madison, Wisconsin[287] Lithographers Local One-L (Teamsters affiliate)[287] The Middle Class Action Project, an organization that promotes Democratic policy [288] Occupy Wall Street, protest movement against social and income inequality[289] Progressive Democrats of America, a progressive political organization and political action committee[290] Ready For Warren, coalition of progressive activists originally supporting a draft effort for Senator Elizabeth Warren (will change name to Ready To Fight)[291] Socialist Alternative, a socialist political party and member of Committee for a Workers' International[292] Tri-Valley Democratic Club (Tri-Valley, California)[293] United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, labor union[294] Vermont National Education Association[287][295] Vermont Progressive Party[213] Vermont and South Carolina divisions of the AFL-CIO[296][297],_2016

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