[ESPN] Aaron Rodgers Passes Patrick Mahomes as favorite to be MVP

Single handedly carrying the seahawks offense and keeping the team competitive that year was very impressive (russ basically did that for 3-4 years after the LOB fell apart, and was consistently throwing for 30+ TDs), I'm not salty that tom brady won it or anything though after all the seahawks didn't even make the playoffs that year.

Out of all the other elite QBs, i'd say Russ having to literally carry the team on his back for several seasons after losing SB 49 is the main thing that he has over almost every other QB in the league, but I do agree that he hasn't had the same insane statistical highs that rodgers or mahomes do, I'd also argue that Wilson season to season is the most consistently great QB. Russ was also top 2 in 2019 and probably would've had a shot at mvp had lamar jackson not had an unbelievable year.

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