Etiquette of paying for dates

This is just my opinion, but never while your dating. Lets say at whatever date you've sussed him out enough (and I say that with caution) to presume he's a viable option going forward, you can offer to split the bill. If he accepts... eh. Yellow flag. Proceed with caution. Test him the next date by not offering at all and gauge his reaction. If he's expecting you to pay, that's bad news because he's already internalized you paying as a standard. If he pays with no hesitancy, that's a great sign. Regardless, I really don't think a man should make you pay for a date. It's tacky and disrespectful.

When you have established a solid relationship, not just dating, you can buy him small gifts/tokens of appreciation, pay for the icecream or a movie you know he really wants to see. Sentimental things that make him feel good but don't compete with him for provider status.

You don't want to make it a habit he gets used to too early. Let him court you. If you are making equal amounts, and presuming it works out, you will probably be paying a large chunk of expenses so don't rush it.

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