I feel a mental breakdown coming on... just need to vent.

You spent months cheating on me with multiple people. Gas lighting me. When I found out & you knew your family would disown you & take away your son, you trapped me. You knew I would do the right thing even if it killed me inside. You feigned what seemed like genuine regret for destroying me for maybe a month. The last year of my life has been a steady spiral downward. I have been suicidal for most of this year & you have the BALLS to try & garner sympathy for the shitshow you created? I don't request your company because anytime I think about it I see the pictures you sent & received. The messages you sent & received. The way you spoke about me desparagingly & how you've used me as a meal ticket for you and your children. Children that I love dearly & they love me. What will happen to them if the paternity test shows its not mine? How will that affect their view of you? Your son who has never met his father & desperately wants one. He will then see you for who you really are. I just hope the site doesn't break his heart as completely as it has mine.

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