Female ideal of masculinity versus male ideal of masculinity?

No, sorry. I'm pretty sure women know what they find physically attractive.

You know what, since you don't seem to be getting the point, I'll be blunt: It doesn't fucking matter what you're "pretty sure" of.

Not even if the objective was specifically attracting YOU, which it isn't.

All those woman sarcastically repeating "RP knows best ryt?", they really don't understand. We really don't care about your opinions. Your unabashed solipsism counts for shit in the real world. Somewhere you've never been.

What individual women think they find attractive doesn't matter in the context of the game. Most of the time, they name traits from past experience. Things that gave them tingles before. But they're not usually a good metric for the future, because they're not describing the causative factor most of the time.

" I like nerds!"(she saw a goodlooking guy in glasses once). "He's gotta be mysterious"(there are a million examples of mysterious without tingles). "Skinny!" (all the guys she fell in love with in her tweens). None of this attention-whoring is any guarrantee that if you display that quality you'll also inspire tingles. Not even with her. She is like someone describing the flavours of dishes she tasted and liked in the distant past. That doesn't qualify her to tell a chef about the recipe. Or schooling him about how to cook. Or what.

Even she's accurate to that specific quality, which she's not, its no hard-and-fast rule for future either. When they become infatuated(something achievable in a host of different ways), they rationalize to themselves all sorts of perfections about you. Attraction is like a chain-reaction for women.

What you're pretty sure of is unwelcome in the red pill. We would rather operate on how women actually behave. A woman's advice is worse than worthless. Its detrimental and distracting.

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