Former Blizzcon Champ Alex "Sodah" Ringe has also been banned for account sharing

the class is just bland, really. demo is still fun I guess, but a glued to the ground destro and overly simplistic affli, while being forced to play them to perform in any serious raid scenario is silly. frost mage does competent dps and is fun to play. destro I want to kill myself because it's a game of min/maxing movement and how many shadowburns I can get out before people kill shot and execute shit. doing mythic brackenspore for progress and it's hell for destro lock. yeah I'm showing on the meters, but scrambling for shadowburn for 10 minutes while dodging shrooms and waves is anything but fun. Affli is literally milling your dots and drain souling as much as possible. Demo is the mostly fun, but the immobility of demonbolt and the gimmick of cataclysm is disappointing.

burning rush is silly, would rather just have an angelic feather type ability instead of a toggleable health draining move speed boost, it feels cumbersome switching it on and off and accounting for the health loss... especially when playing demo when soul fire costs 50% of your mana to cast. never liked it, not even in 5.4, but now we actually have to use it more without rocket boots and glider. please don't say portals count cus they don't, you can't predict movement in many fights. i literally put it up as a backup plan for waves and ogron fires and berserker rush.

you have to work a lot harder than other classes to hope to do as much as they do, and the work isn't fun. low quality of life has killed the class for me, but I'm still playing because my raid team "needs a warlock"

like yeah i'll be in the top 5 and even #1 on big shadowburn fights, or fights where i can abuse cata, but the class has devolved into a big gimmick. it doesn't flow like mage or shadow priest or moonkin, it feels like a mess, like whack a mole for your few key skills. oh look a proc, now i'm glued to the ground for 8-10 seconds while i dump my demonbolts in dark soul. oh look a proc, now i'm glued to the ground while i dump my embers in dark soul. oh look a proc, time to haunt in dark soul.

I think the class will get better with more haste, but man i'd rather be maining a melee right now. by "melee friendly expansion", I think they meant "less ranged friendly", and that the situation for melee stays the same. don't know why i bothered typing all this out, just my lazy, bored stream of consciousness about competitive pve warlock right now

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