France hit by 'terror' attack as 'woman beheaded in church' and city shut down

I’m a Muslim, and most of us think this is awful. None of us want this extremism. Apart from the fact that it is literally the murder of innocent people, which in-fact makes you a non believer when you commit the act, it comes out of a terrible misinterpretation of the religious texts, to the point that you could say Islam doesn’t call for anything of this sort at all, it also hurts the Muslims who do follow the religion as it’s supposed to be followed.

I’m heartbroken by the violence and yes, terror, these acts have caused, and I’d like to say that we muslims do not support this. We do not follow this. We do not teach this to our kids. Whatever caused this person to commit this act of violence, no sane Muslim supports it. I’m so sorry to everybody that’s hurting.

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