Freakazoid bullying simple

I believe that if these guys (players & casters) carry on acting like kids, it is going to destroy CS GO Esports as big-name brands/sponsors are not going to want to associate themselves long term....

I know that the esports scene is quite different from irl sports, but at the same time I see time and time again people wanting esports to be treated the same etc.. but how can it be with this god awful 'meme' culture?

Young adults, that should know better, bullying others.

Accusations of assault with Casters, accusations of bullying casters..

I get that Thoorin is highly knowledgeable, and I enjoy from time to time watching his content, the same with RL. But as well as that I see them, as well as others, kinda destroying any type of professionalism with their constant swearing, constant involvement in 'dodgy' scenarios (RL more so than Thoorin).

I get that at events they seem to have a level of professionalism but outside of it, man sometimes it's like listening to some grumpy teenagers.. would you really see Gary Lineker on his personal blog swearing away etc?

I know we are dealing on the majority with young men who themselves are not fully mature, but honestly do not see as much confrontation with young adults playing for big clubs in soccer? They have a professional image to maintain, and they do.

I've mumbled for far too long, but in my honest opinion if this scene doesn't grow out of this meme/keyboard/youtube vid warrior attitude and associated bullying with players, casters, whatever, and doesn't employ more professionalism in day to day activities this will be at the detriment to the scene as a whole.

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