Friday - quick advice

Matched w a guy on bumble on opposite coast who is from the same hometown, where we'll both be for a week end of this month. He asked for my number, asked me out, said he would love to meet and go to a cafe togehter for our favorite type of coffee to chat and walk, and/or study together (We're both in grad school for the same degree and we have intense board exams). We spoke straight like rapid fire via texting just for an hour and he was very flirty, i.e. mentioning how we're compatible or how i can wear his jacket if im into that sort of thing. Didn't speak for several days so i messaged, to which he wasnt that responsive initially but when i didnt respond, he reiterated how he will be in the hometown soon and would love to see me and is excited to meet me. We had a flirty convo for maybe 30 mins where he mentioned several times i was so cute, but that was it. No follow-up again for several days now.
He had told me the dates he's in town, but made no definite date/time/place. He's coming in a week from now. Is this a technique to ignore me until then? And shouldn't he have made a definitive place/time by now? Should i reach out again, or wait until he does?

I really like him so i'm not sure in how many days i should write again (if at all) or if he does reach out, how to respond. I feel anxious. His profile intention says "relationship". However, he did mention how if he could choose between a girlfriend and a certain type of dog, he'd pick the dog (but acknowledged this was insane) and then also when i asked how hes doing so well in classes, he said "single" altho on social media i saw he had a gf up to september.

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