frustrated by my body shape

5'3" 32" 23 1/2" 35" and my thighs measure 21" at their thickest part. I kinda have a different approach than the "work upper body" solution. I do quite a lot of lower body as well for various of reasons 1. I'm still slightly underweight and the more muscle I carry the better for me 2. I like the thick thigh look tbh. Also my butt is rounder now but I still have a long way to go until the muscle percentage is higher than the fat and that brings us to 3. I want to get up til around 110lbs (I'm 103 atm) and then cut or switch to recomb. From previous experience i know i can lose some fat in that area so I'm trying my best to reveal some of that muscle underneath.

What I'm going at is, for a long time I didn't feel comfortable with my body shape especially with my upper thighs, but recently I've tried to embrace it (I know that's me and I can't make you or want to make you feel the same way) and it made me feel a lot more relaxed about my body. Especially since I am a few inches wider now after being relatively skinny "but still curvy!" (Thanks pear shape).

God this is such a ramble, but I'm sure your body looks amazing, and as a lot of people commented already, if you work upper body you will look like a proper beast (in the best way possible of course)

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