GamerGate isn't a conservative movement. Now let me tell you about how San Francisco is the root of all liberal evil.

hey so I typed more stuff. I don't want it to seem like I'm lecturing you 'cause I know you said you disagree with Milo, but I kind of enjoy complaining about transphobia, especially when something is as blatantly false as anything Milo says.

Yeah, I've read that post. That was the one I was talking about with the "SRS is bad" thing. I've actually made an older post whining about that post as well :P

My big problems with Milo's trans views are that he misrepesents the truth, presents his incorrect interpretation, then gators eat it up and regurgitate it. He is so absurdly, objectively wrong about everything he says about trans people. Honestly, I think he's worse than gators.

Within the context of that post, Milo does the following bad things:

  • Says being trans is a psychiatric disorder (it's not)

  • Says the T should be separate from the LGB. While being trans isn't a sexual orientation (which Milo forgets a few sentences later), a lot of trans people face resistance from the same groups that other sexual and romantic minorities do.

  • Milo totally ignores the existence of transgender men

  • Constantly calls trans women by male pronouns

  • Claims that men decide to become women

  • Uses the phrase "cosmetic vagina" which is not only offensive, but also wrong

  • Claims that SRS comes before HRT

  • Calls HRT a "horrendous procedure"

  • "Post-op transsexuals are no longer man, nor yet female; able to neither ejaculate nor be inseminated." Everything is wrong with this.

  • He claims that people might transition for reasons other than being trans and supports the idea that trans people are just cis people who were SO gay they needed to be a different gender.

  • Calls transitioning "dramatic self-mutilation"

  • Claims that trans women do not "become female, emotionally, anatomically, or hormonally."

  • Claims the requirement for being a woman is the ability to reproduce even though some cis women can't.

  • Concern trolls about how trans people "need our help" after a several-paragraphs-long tantrum about how gross trans people are

  • Claims that every major medical association considers being trans a disorder

I really, really need to go to bed, though. I've been up for way too long, but I just wanted to whine some more about Milo. Just to reiterate, I don't want to seem like I'm lecturing you or anything like that, but you mentioned that post and ugh it's so incorrect.

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