German prosecutors charge 100-year-old former concentration camp guard

Not only are you disabled, you're also an idiot.

Let me hold your hand on this one...

Youre triggered because you lost a discussion. You cant admit it so you pretend my argument is flawed without even being able why and how.

I explained why, because you keep attacking me and not the argument at hand. Still don't get it? Here, do some reading.

Also wow your self conscious must be super low if bragging about money and your education is the card you need to play when getting stumped in a discussion you have no knowledge to take part in.

As previously stated, I wouldn't usually say this yet had to put a bum in his place. You stated I was uneducated, I obviously disproved it by shitting on your life.

I don't care what my family earns. One site (the one with the nazis) is filthy rich, so you won't surpass them.

Wat? Your family owns a nazi site? lmao

Also man what a sad life if now you have to play the disability discrimination card to feel better about yourself.

Who's playing a card? What if I was uneducated? That's an OK card to play yet digging at your disability is discrimination? Just because some court and rulings say you get preferential treatment, it stops when you turn into a dick.

You must be really fat to hate courts and the gym, I visit neither. And never have.

Yes, I must. Which is why I also moderate two fitness subreddits. I must be the fat guy behind the keyboard. It's totally me, not the bedridden disabled guy lmao again

Wanna know the best part? I am retired, I make money without working.

Yes, you're the problem with society. Feeding off of the working man. You add no value. Just a sack of meat, browsing online, waiting for his day.

I have all the time in the world to argue with bigots like you while you waste that little free time you have on trying to one up me by insulting me for being disabled.

Apparently, likewise. That's because I invest wisely and earn passive income, not because I'm a bedridden bum leaching off society.

We've already establish that you're the bigot, because of, you know, the definition of bigot. Try looking it up. You're unreasonably attached to the idea that Americans are idiot.

You seem disabled as well. A mental disability. You should visit a psychologist to get help. You won't find a partner or happiness if you continue your bitter path.

Great joke, how'd you come up with that? (Hint: scroll up a few and look for my comment stupid fuck lol)

Speaking of euro education, why's it so hard for you to use the correct your and you're? You may be suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Two last things. I didn't proof read this because you aren't worth it.

Lastly, know that I won't read your reply and it will be deleted immediately from my inbox, forever lost, where no one will ever read it. Have fun wasting your time typing a response, I know you will, because you have nothing better to do with your life.

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