Girl becomes youngest Palestinian in Israeli jails

How is this source?

Incredibly or credibly biased?

Here is the mission statement for Hasbara Fellowships:


Hasbara Fellowships is a leading pro-Israel campus activism organization working with over 80 Universities across North America. Hasbara Fellowships, a program spearheaded by Aish International since 2001, brings hundreds of students to Israel every summer and winter, giving them the information and tools to return to their campuses as educators about Israel.

So far, Hasbara Fellowships has educated over 3,000 students on over 250 campuses. Upon returning from the program, the Hasbara Fellows receive support from our staff, as well as access to various campaigns, programs, speakers and other materials and tools. Hasbara Fellowships focuses on college campuses, but the information and tools offered are applicable for other forums as well.

Hasbara Fellowships is run by AISH International

Is this a suitably unbiased source or not?

If not, I have others I can link to, but then, it wouldn't suit your fantasist, lying, agenda about Israel and Jewish people from all over funding what amounts to an Israeli directed disinformation/propaganda school to try and discredit and undermine credible reports about intentional Israeli actions that would shed a bright, unrelenting, shining light on the truth of the matter, or as you folks like to call it... Delegitimizing Israel.

/u/ak11... You can't handle the truth, so you seek to obfuscate it with bullshit appeals for "credible" sources when in reality it's not the source that bothers you, it's the truth about your country and it's need to enlist people in an attempt to continually put lipstick on a pig.

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