Why Girls See You

the brunette and I exchanged instagram accounts

So you didn't even ask for a number or couldn't get it, then wrote a whole page about it. I was expecting you at least got a date out of it. I on the other hand the more I get into SR, the more sexually I see the girls. But it's incredible difference between before SR and NoFap and now. Before it was that kind of creepy I just wanna fuck you, now it's more in the Let's have some fun and we'll see then if we want to take it any further. But I definitely don't see myself any less in sexual mood than before. When you're watching porn, you're putting all that sexual mojo into the bin and when you show your sexual desires to a girl it simply makes women run away. When on NoFap and even more so SR, the mojo stays with you and your sexual needs are congruent with your aura that girls see, so they don't mind it and even want it. But if you don't want to give it to them, they will rarely take that step instead of a man. And then guys wonder why nothing fundamentally changed (as in end result is the same in most cases), not because they wouldn't have great aura now, but because they cling to the old ways...

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