He dumped me because he got a better job, thought of me as loser. Today I found out I'm gonna be his boss.

I already answered something similar in another comment. No, I will not do "whatever I want", I will do my job. And he will do his. I heard he is a really good worker and pleasant with clients and coworkers. I'm sure he will be promoted soon as he is efficient according to my boss and he only lacks a certain maturity, which, I think, was the reason he didn't get it. We are young, by the way. And I'm not a tyrant. I will recognize his efficiency and good work as any boss would. I wrote that above more as in a cynical matter, to go with the flow of my original post. Don't take this too seriously. I'm just livid by the karma but I'm a professional and will not risk my job and work with pettiness.

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