Help me With My Jealousy

I can only tell you what I experienced during my past of being exactly like you describe yourself.

You are too obsessed with the surface of people. That's actually the only thing you see. The thing that counts and you really have to EMPATHIZE is the inside of others. They don't see themselves as you can see them in third-person. They see through their eyes. They don't have this picture of this jealous-making situation as you have. What they see is actually the same thing you see if it happens to you: Someone is in front of you who likes to talk to you. There will always be curiosity in the first place, and it will soon fade away again. Everyone of them has the exact same needs as you have, regardless of their 'majestic looking' or their 'godlike personality'. Everyone wants to go social mode sometimes and experience something new, unmindful of being in a relationship or whatsoever. It lies in us humans. And the only thing you actually have to do to solve your problem is: Regard the person you are attracted to as being exactly like you, curious to the new and without regard for the outside events while the process, or in general. I'm very sure you can learn that, because it is the truth.

The surface blinds us. We are all in a human body, so don't devalue or upvalue other men.

Something that is also worth telling you is: You may also think that you NEED special people in your life, but that is total bullshit. Others can't determine your dreams, beliefs, attitude, personality, sprituality, accomplishments... they have nothing to do with who you are. You are in charge of those things, no one else. You are the leader of your own progress and once you understand that, jelously won't take a place in your life, because you don't simply fucking care about the progress of others (other relationships, others problems with people, others fun with people).

Au revoir.

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