US hospitals struggle to match Walmart pay as staff flees omicron

After reading many of the comments (including the negatives of hospital ngos) I feel that the only way health care can get better is by becoming a national service. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s much better than what is going on now. The same with pharma.

Colleges need to be regulated in a way that a doctors n nurses don’t have to pay back thousands of dollars in owed tuitions. This will allow more students to follow these careers and expect a fair living once they graduate.

It’s insane to think of health care as a business and not a right for all regardless of income. It’s in the hands of Americans to change things before they colapse.

My sincere admiration for all from doctors, nurses, receptionists, hospital cleaners… everyone who deserve so much more. It is heat breaking to read that many leave because they are not being paid their worth or have burnt out from the stress and the ungrateful.

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