House Democrats Introduce ‘No Glory for Hate Act’ to Prevent Trump Name from Being Displayed on Federal Projects, Burial at Arlington National Cemetery

I remember getting the horrifying news that no one was coming to help us, that the National Guard had not gotten approval, while police officers were being beaten and overrun. I thought, no one who stirs up this seditionist act should ever be held to the same high standards we hold for our former presidents who served with grace. Even though Trump is no longer in office, he should still be held accountable for his actions and the taxpayers should not foot the bill for his future actions. I can’t imagine sending students in Southern California, or anywhere in America, to a school named in honour of a traitorous president.

Your side can imagine students going to a school named after George Floyd though lol. The National Guard didn't get approval from Nancy Pelosi, so take it up with her. Maybe we should reform this bill to take things away from her instead. She, like you, has been siphoning money off the hard working people of this country, except she's just been doing it longer. "Held accountable" for something he was acquitted of. To them, "held accountable" means whatever they can attempt to do to ruin Trump's life until the end of time. There's no end in sight for this petty bullshit. There will be no unity from me until the people wasting the government's resources like this are no longer allowed near government anymore.

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