How similar and different to your SO are you?

We have so many things in common, it’s scary sometimes. We share the same passion for politics and political beliefs, we both prefer more traditional gender roles, we both have the same exact hang ups and ticks, we both think in a very similar way, we are both pretty antisocial/introverted but are very socially adept when the situation calls for it, we are both very driven and constantly thinking of creative ways to ensure our future security, we both enjoy nature walks and fishing, we are both dog people, we both are incredibly loyal people who hold ourselves to high standards when in a relationship (and in general), we are both overly analytical, we like the same music... hell, we even have the same dietary preferences, lol. There are so many more things, too...

As far as differences go, there are a couple big ones, but I’m pretty sure they’re pretty typical of most male-female (or masculine partner/feminine partner) relationships. When I’m upset, I tend to cling to the people I care about for support, and when he’s upset, he tends to push people away and isolate himself. I’m a lot more open whereas he’s a lot more private. I think more emotionally than he does. I’m more sentimental about things. I think those are the big ones.

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