I'm honestly a catch, but I can't seem to find someone. Anyone in the same boat/Advice?

You sound really irritating judging by this post. If I met you, I would not want to date you, no matter how hot (or how hot you think you are)

Reality check: Get your head out of your own ass and work on your personality. We get it. You think you’re great, accomplished, yaadaa, yaadaa. You wanna know why you are only getting matches with guys who what to hook up? Because your personality is so damn irritating that they can only put up with the thought of sleeping with you, and nothing else. You will never get the guy you want if you have this irritating holier than thou attitude. Goddamn.

Now here’s the good news. If you work on yourself and constantly try to be a better person (meaning you love and care for others...are affectionate, etc) then guys will practically clamor over you.

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