Japan’s Kyoto cherry blossoms peak on earliest date in 1,200 years, a sign of climate change

I feel like this is one of the few convos I get to bring this guy up, he seems somewhat related to your idea: Huey Long, former governor of Louisiana.

Ran on populism and purged his opponents when elected, took kickbacks and became political boss of Louisiana. He would come to the legislative floor and literally bully people who didn’t vote for his bills.

Once his control over the state's political apparatus was strengthened, Long pushed several bills through the 1929 session of the Louisiana State Legislature to fulfill campaign promises. His bills met opposition from legislators, wealthy citizens, and the media, but Long used aggressive tactics to ensure passage. He would appear unannounced on the floor of both the House and Senate or in House committees, corralling reluctant representatives and state senators and bullying opponents.[57][58] When an opposing legislator once suggested Long was unfamiliar with the Louisiana Constitution, he declared, "I'm the Constitution around here now."[59][60]

With his political strong arming he revolutionized Louisiana’s infrastructure, health care services, mental health care, prisoner rehabilitation programs, started free public school and adult night school programs that overall increased literacy and educational enrollment for the state.

During his four years as governor, Long increased paved highways in Louisiana from 331 to 2,301 miles (533 to 3,703 km) and constructed 2,816 miles (4,532 km) of gravel roads. By 1936, the infrastructure program begun by Long had completed some 9,700 miles (15,600 km) of new roads, doubling Louisiana's road system. He built 111 bridges and started construction on the first bridge over the Mississippi entirely in Louisiana, the Huey P. Long Bridge. These projects provided thousands of jobs during the depression, employing 22,000—or 10 percent—of the nation's highway workers.[110]

He was nearly impeached in Louisiana for slandering his political opponents (some of which in his own party) for opposing his oil tax. He only beat impeachment because he (and the opposition) allegedly had so much fuckery going on with the voting it was basically judged a wash. He built a White House like governors mansion and increased the states debt for his social programs, but he was accordingly one of the only populist politicians to actually fulfill his campaign promises.

After this he gets elected to the US senate, gets a nickname, and goes toe-to-toe with FDR supporting, then opposing the New Deal. Met with a Congress, and Executive with unilaterally equal, if not superior power to him, he is politically stonewalled, and none of his bills nor wealth redistribution ideas ever pass. Finally he made an enemy of FDR himself, who used his power to do the same thing Long did to his opponents, cutting him out of the federal, and even state legislative political processes. He even sicced the IRS on him. In the end he’s assassinated (NOT by FDR... one can assume).

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