Japan suffers lowest number of births on record as population shrinks

Why do you insist on homogenizing a group of diverse, distinct people? Why do you insist that you know who I am based on my ethnicity. You know nothing about me based on the color of my skin. You were wrong on all accounts and if I were so inclined to post more personal information on reddit, I would show you exactly how wrong you are.

That was sarcasm. Indians are as diverse as it gets and many Indians chicks are a chocolate delight.

But there are two generalisations that ring true- Indians want to be doctors or businessmen when they grow up, and the always breed above replacement rate, even wealthy Indian families keep those bubs coming.

An ideal immigrant to Japan if there ever was one.

Let me try categorizing you and you can tell me how I do and how it makes you feel.

You're white, probably of recent European descent. You're ugly, but your ego is inflated to the point of delusion, so you craft a story in your mind that tells you you aren't ugly, that the reason you haven't gotten laid yet isn't because of you being a total douchebag, it's because all women are feminists and they hate you for being awesome.

Only the part about Europe is true, I was born there. I have all the physical traits a typical brown eyed, black haired, dark skinned Indian would lust over.

As for women's rights; as good as any man in cognitive capacity, no qualms there. Respect the smart ones, trample the dumb ones.

Most of what you see in the west and other developed societies especially online isn't feminism, it is a special breed of militant lesbian that wants to promote herself for income purposes. They have nothing left to fight for so they fight to promote gender inequality under the guise of pseudo-intellectualism, wrapped up in a social media faux journalistic career.

Real feminists are out there, not promoting themselves and their views but helping women in oppressive societies throw off the shackles of mostly religious dogma (look to the middle east/africa).

You're a college going student, probably at a fairly reputable University. You're majoring in political science or something in a similar vein.

Ha! There is nothing more I would like to do than to strangle every last politics major like the rapid pups that they are. Neoliberal breeding ground. Social sciences....waste of cognitive capacity and the downfall of western civilization. This is why Asians (including Indians) will inherit the earth for an indefinite period of time. They are learning how to be engineers and scientists.

Most of the time you're indoors, playing video games. You play a ton of video games, but you've realized that you like watching YouTube videos of people playing video games more than actually playing the games yourself. You like to make fun of people who suck, so you specifically watch people who you think are terrible at the games you play often. You also have no close Indian friends and you watch a lot of anime.

Yesterday I spent 6 hours in the sun pulling shrimps out of sand with one of those hand pumps so that I can go fishing. I was burnt to a crisp, because alas...I do not posses that chocolate skin you do. 1/3 of people here get melanoma, but that's ok, I visit the doc every year to get my body inspected for cancerous growths.

Last game I tried to get into was smash bros on wiiU. I still dabble in grand strategy titles like EU4, but after so many years mass market gaming bores me. I find prison architect far more enticing than fps/3rd person shooter #5656573478438. As for berating others, I generally suck at games mainly because I play each one for 5-10 minutes and stop caring. I'm only good at strategy because I stick with them. Most games are too shallow.

How right was I? More importantly, how wrong was I? Do these few paragraphs do a good job of summarizing your life?

Barely right. Fairly wrong. Not really. But then I wasn't summarizing your life, just your Indian traits.

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