Judge authorizes city to shut off electricity to Burbank restaurant that defied health order

So those 50-100 people lives don't matter? What about their family lives? What if they live with their grandma? Are you ok with forcing them to be a grandma killer?

If YOU want groceries, YOU can go get them. If you think going to the store puts your life at risk, then why are you ok with forcing other people to do it?

no contact with the actual customer

But they still have contact with their family. You realize they are probably underpaid, wage slaves that don't actually have a choice in the matter, right? These are not people with much leverage. They can not just say "no." That would mean losing their jobs, homeless, not having food, etc.

You need to look at yourself in the mirror and figure out why you think some people matter more than others.

2,000+ people going in to a store in a given day

That is called a personal choice. It is called "personal responsibility." No one is forcing you to go to the store every day. Also, why are poor people (who probably don't have health insurance) responsible for these people?

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