Lawyers of reddit, have you ever done a case you secretly hoped you would lose and why?

I don't care what anyone says. If you know someone is guilty of something egregious and you let them back on the street, you're a sociopath. There's ways to lose a case without making it obvious.

Hillary Clinton did that with a child rapist in 1975. Snopes listed it as mostly false. Even though she said the 12 year old girl liked older men That's why he raped her. Not really a mystery why they were friends with Epstein.. She also while Secretary of State stopped the prosecution of Laura Gaylor Who got caught smuggling over 30 kids out of Haiti, all of which had families. That same woman works for Amber Alert after all that happened. She also got caught doing similar things in Idaho.

Defending a child rapist is a pretty black and white issue. If There is even a chance of this being a true, you don't take the case.

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