Let’s Be Serious About Ted Cruz From The Start: He’s Too Extreme And Too Disliked To Win

It awards us all the fundamental right to speak up on political issues without the Government getting to decide who gets to speak.

How was that in danger previously? Corporations are not people, my friend. They are a legal construct designed to protect shareholders (investors) from being held liable for a corporation's debts/contracts. They are designed to allow multiple people to purchase ownership into the company. They are not fucking political vehicles and there is no reason that CEOs or shareholders THEMSELVES cannot stand up or pool resources directly to an individual person.

It just now allows them to double dip (spend more than the legal mandated limit) and because of other fucked up campaign laws they can do so without a money trail. Why is any of that needed? The only secret that should exist in an election is a person's vote. That's it and that's only a secret as long as that person wants it to be.

Social safety nets should be scaled back to allow for people to work for a living rather than exist on the public dole.

All you get is poorer people. We proved that when we didn't have them to begin with. You're wrong. History has proven it. Other nations prove they CAN have social safety nets and do alright.

As far as students stopping at High School. It would be grand if High School education actually meant something again

Fucking brilliant. As automation continues to decrease the demand for manual jobs we can just let the rich people go get the engineering degrees. Ah how nice...if you're rich you get more opportunity. If you're poor, well no social safety net so you'll probably just die.

Eighth, If you're poor, you'll be shot. Hahaha. Okay then.
Job automation + restriction of education = restriction of employability = no income + no social safety net (or severely "decreased") = no food, shelter, or other basic needs for survival = death.

It's not a far stretch.

Third, "the sheer amount of hell and chaos" is currently happening and it isn't coming from people like Ted Cruz.

He was literally the only reason we had a government shut down. He blocks bills that OTHER Republicans and conservatives want passed. He ignores scientific facts about vaccination and climate change. The fucking problems in Congress are caused by him and his ilk. They're fucking retards who believe in magic sky fairies and you're defending them. Are you also a fucking retard? I don't mean to be insulting, I literally and truly believe they are high functioning handicapped people incapable of understanding any sort of complex concept. They're stupid. They are retarded and I question how you cannot see that, I'm not trying to be insulting or mean.

There's more war in the world now under Obama's leadership

We're not fighting it. He doesn't control the world and he shouldn't try. We shouldn't try to be TEAM MURCIA WORLD POLICE FORCE.

Ninth, I suppose it would be a Tea Party paradise to see freedom restored to the country rather than everything being seen as either granted or permitted by the Government.

I hope he wins.

I hope he fucking chokes on a pretzel like the last retarded conservative President. Not die, just choke. Daily. For every stupid thought he has.

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