I lie unnecessarily

I do this too.. or I do the exact opposite and vomit the truth unnecessarily. One example is how a coworker asked me to grab coffee and I said sure but when he asked me to grab lunch with a group and I already had planned to go out to lunch by myself I started telling him how I had a bunch of leftovers and I can't eat out cause I need to save money for my budget. And then when it came time for us to get coffee he was like is this okay for your budget and I just was like uhhh I mean I'm fine going and just not buying anything. And then we decided to just not go until another time.

The worst part is today (2 weeks after he had asked me to originally get coffee) we went to get coffee at a place he suggested because I hadn't been. But that's the thing, I ended up going with some others and when we got there and the cashier recognized me I basically vommitted my whole explanation of how I ended up going with others because the others paid for me (which they did) but geez...

I think it has to do with being a people pleaser. If I'm not prepared to say no to something I'll just go with it out of the anxiety of having conflict with what someone else is expecting.

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