The London rental market is FUCKED.

If you find rents to be so expensive that you can't afford to save up for a deposit, have you considered moving out of London?

Jesus fucking Christ, you're not a fan of subtlety or nuance at all are you!

They wanted a guarantor because the rent to income percentage was too high i.e. you didn't actually meet the affordability criteria.

Please tell me, what was I earning and what do I pay in rent?

I can't stress this enough and I'm not going to apologise for being blunt because I knew from your first response that you would inevitably reduce yourself to "if you don't like it leve" without even vaguely engaging your Brian and thinking what s other person personal circumstances might be for being in London or for not moving to a completely different part of the UK - you are a daft fucking cunt and I'm done engaging with you.

Fucking prick!

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