Think of the long game. Let's say Corona Virus goes away in Spring and Summer like the flu. Fall comes around and the governments warn of another global shutdown unless... everyone on Earth gets the new "COVID-19 Vaccine". Vaccines become mandatory under penalty of imprisonment.

I would love to see some of those peer reviewed articles.

Del big tree is an anti-vaxx activist who is a tv and film producer and CEO of a large anti vaxx group. That's a fucking stupid source.

Mothers having their baby die a day and half after shots due to SIDs and claiming its shots is anecdotal anti vaxx propaganda. The vaccine injury database until those claims are researched is purely anecdotal reports. Science is a process. Correlation does not imply causation.

You want to know what is fucking real and serious? Preventable diseases killing at risks populations because idiots believe in garbage and endanger those at risk populations for stupid reasons. That's what the tone is for. You stupid fucks will kill innocent at risk people because of stupidity/ignorance. Go back to med school.

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