(Long read) ADHD-PI recently diagnosed and on Adderall and my spouse is not on board with my diagnosis. Any domestic household tips appreciated.

I suggested counseling but he is leery of psychiatrists and psychologists.

If he is leery of psychiatrists and psychologists, just how smart is he really then?

He still sees this as an issue of effort and time management on my part and he sees no reason why a highly addictive substance would be beneficial to me

Not bashing him or anything, just saying like, again if he is sooooo brilliant, how is it he automatically assumes its a highly addictive substance? I'm pretty sure everyone is different, and I personally quit adderall years ago with no issue.

If he is so smart, how is it that he still sees it as an issue of just "effort and time management"

effort aka "just try harder" like as if you or anyone else doesn't already know that

My husband sees little improvement thus far.

So you are saying you take the medication, you're doing much better, but he sees no improvement?

Sounds like something is wrong with him, not you

I may not have really any advice, but I just think some people aren't going to change their views

For example, Look at http://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/2tk7t5/eli5_how_does_a_drug_like_adderall_cause_the/co03cte?context=3

This is a recent argument or whatever I had with some clown , click on Cakemiddleton's response that is hidden or downvoted, it has -28 votes, he says:

[–]Cakemiddleton -28 points 2 days ago ADD only happens when you're so bored that you can't pay attention. You never lose focus when something interests you. It's not a real disorder, it's something you grew into, not born with. Like all habits it can be broken. Like I said before if you want to limit yourself that's your problem, you only make excuses so that you can say you have no power and shrug off responsibility. Blame western society for that one

I didn't respond back to him.. because people like that, they have their own view and they arent willing to change it

it sucks

what you can do though is look up this guy Dr. Russell Barkley on youtube he talks a lot about adhd

Find some good videos that explain it and then show your husband

this guy, roland00 on here, he has good links he might post them here

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