Mad props r/Atheism Moderators!

I care that you care. I wander through reddit mainly to see what's going on in the world outside my little bubble. In other words, the whole point of being on this site, for me, is to gather information about a broader reality than the sliver I experience every day. You obviously felt this was something to call to everyone's attention, so when you can prove your claims but choose not to, I am confused. I am confused about why you've talked about it like it's a serious problem and yet are unwilling to do any more than throw around unsupported accusations of ill intentions. If this is a matter that really does concern you, the only logical thing to do about it is to convince other people to be concerned as well.

I have told you exactly what it would take for you to convince me: these people's words, not yours. A few little links to their mission statements or battle cries or meandering blogs. The only scenario in which I would accept that this incredulous agenda was in fact something someone was striving to achieve is if you were claiming this agenda as your own. You are the authority on your own goals and intentions - but not on anyone else's.

If there are all these people advocating for this agenda, providing such evidence should be a very easy task. You are the one making the claim, so you are the one responsible for backing it up. I can only conclude one of three things by your refusal to do so. 1: this agenda is just a boogyman with no root in reality. 2: you're just a troll. 3: your laziness (or indignation that your word is not taken as an unquestioned authority on the subject) outweighs your concern about the very real consequences of this very real agenda, so it's too much work to provide very real evidence the issue you brought up even exists.

People believe all kinds of things that aren't actually true, from conspiracy theories to invisible pink unicorns living on the moon. We are fallible. We are gullible. We are frequently mistaken, and we are often highly confident of our correctness despite being totally off-base. That is simply the human condition, and so you being satisfied with the evidence you have encountered is absolutely unconvincing to me. The evidence itself, though - the people advocating for that agenda you mentioned - that would be sufficient. Why you refuse to provide it, assuming your claims are true, is beyond me.

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