I made a mash-up of a bunch of 2014 news stories in the style of a movie poster.

The stories including in this piece are as follows.

A man is doused with milk and sprayed with mist during demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, in August. The protests followed the killing of an unarmed black 18-year-old, Michael Brown, by a white police officer on Aug. 9.

Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with airstrikes, including this one on July 29 in the Tuffah neighborhood, during a 50-day conflict with Palestinian militants from Hamas in July and August. Israel sought to cripple Hamas’s ability to fire rockets and use tunnels to stage attacks.

A scaffold carrying two workers is stuck 68 floors above ground at 1 World Trade Center on Nov. 12 in New York City. Two window washers were left dangling from the nation's tallest skyscraper when a cable suddenly developed slack. The workers held on to the teetering platform for two agonizing hours until firefighters used diamond cutters to saw through a double-layered window and pull the men to safety.

A priest holds a cross and shield during clashes between anti-government protesters and riot police in central Kiev on Feb. 20. Ukraine was the scene of fierce clashes between baton-wielding protesters demanding the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych and riot police.

Residents wait to receive food aid distributed by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency at the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, Syria on Jan. 31. Yarmouk, the largest of nine Palestinian camps in Syria with 18,000 civilians, has been under a tight government blockade since mid-2013.

More than 100 people have died there from starvation and illnesses exacerbated by hunger or lack of medical aid, according to U.N. figures. Since January, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency has provided intermittent food shipments to civilians caught inside Yarmouk, although fighting often cuts the deliveries for days at time.

The bathroom door through which Reeva Steenkamp was shot is displayed during Oscar Pistorius's murder trial in Pretoria, South Africa on April 14. The double-amputee Olympic runner was given a five-year prison sentence by Judge Thokozile Masipa for shooting Steenkamp multiple times through a toilet cubicle door in his home.

An Indian Muslim voter waits in line to vote at a polling station in Varanasi, India on May 12. India held the largest democratic election in history with 814 million eligible participating over six weeks. Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi became India's prime minister after a sweeping election victory that ended two terms of rule by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

A protester stands in front of police vehicles during a demonstration on Nov. 24 in Ferguson, Missouri. Protests broke out in Ferguson and across the country in November, after a grand jury declined to indict the officer, Darren Wilson. Wilson disputed the account of some witnesses that Brown had his hands up when he was fired on.

A young girl is wounded during protests in Istanbul on March 12 after the funeral of Berkin Elvan. Turkish police clashed with thousands of protesters following the death of the Turkish teenager, who had been in a coma for 9 months since being hit by a police tear-gas canister during anti-government protests.

A Palestinian boy looks up during a rain storm in Gaza City on Oct. 19 while walking through a neighborhood destroyed during the 50-day conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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