Mayor: Seattle 1st major city to fully vaccinate 70%

I was born in the 70's I gaurantee you we were all poor not that long ago. Far fewer people went to college and every car we drove had a shit ton of rust on it and we had 5 channels on the TV a phone stuck to the wall and you could count the albums you owned on 2 hands.

The quality of life everyone enjoys these days is fucking ridiculous compared to the 70's and 80's so stop comparing upper middle class with what was the majority of people, see Rocky not silver spoons. You ever wonder why Roseanne was so popular in the 90's? becasue that was what 90% of us looked like. Broke, broken, blue collar switching from job to job as plants dried up and we had kids we didn't plan for and no idea how we were going to pay for things. Yeah I get it people these days are waiting later to have kids and stay on birth control- that would have been really fucking nice to have back then - birth control you could afford.

Almost everyone I know goes to college these days - NONE of my parents or parents friends had a college education.

And my parents gernation? the silent generation, they had it 10x better than their parents.

Learn to compare to the whole picture, not just those who have it better than you or you're going to be miserable your whole fucking life no matter how much you make a year.

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