Men abused by their female partners, when did you realise it shouldn't be this way, what was the final straw? How would you describe your life with her? [SERIOUS]

Haven't experienced it from a personal perspective, but I grew up with a mum who was physically and mentally abusive to my dad. Even as a toddler, I distinctly remember my mum choking my dad, attacking him verbally, and physically on many occasions. No wonder I used to eat paper and burn things in the basement!

Funny how things turn out though... no longer speak to mum (she only speaks to 1 of her 4 kids), I have a good relationship with dad, I have a wife and son who love & support me and I'm lucky that my first proper relationship was / is a healthy & happy one.

Happy New Year to everyone. I know its difficult in society to be open about these things, particularly as a man, but if you're in an abusive situation right now, please find the strength to leave and find someone who appreciates you for who you are.

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