Morocco boy trapped in well for four days dies before rescuers can reach him

They went wrong by taking 4 days to pull a kid out of a well. Hello? Then again, we're talking about the emergency response from a government directly ruled by a king, so I guess my expectations are a little too high.

Now, I'm no expert on rescue but do you really think there's no solution to this that takes less than 4 days?

If the kid was conscious, rope with child-sized climbing gear, you know, like from Walmart. If not, send a camera with some light to monitor the kid and check for signs of breathing. If he's still alive, while using the camera to make sure he's ok, take some time getting a bunch of ropes down there and get loops around as much of his body as possible, one by one. One around his neck, many along his abdomen, a few per leg, one each spanning from armpit to the neck, etc. Then literally pull him up slowly. For extra safety, loop meral rings around each strand of rope, and connect those rings with rope such as to make a net to place on top of the child, and hang weights on each ring with one rope per weight so as to control how much each weight presses down on him. Pull that out.

If you don't think some competent rescue crew has a proper plan for this, I certainly don't think like you. I think that poor child has died due to gross incompetence on behalf of a government that failed him

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