Buying your first condoms

You bring up a really good point. Not to be a negative Nancy but for many females, this situation is neither embarrassing or funny. It’s actually quite hostile.

Imagine being a young girl, trying to do the right thing and protect yourself by heading into Planned Parenthood, because they’re the only clinic that will see you without need of insurance and with complete anonymity, only to be yelled at and bombarded by hostile pro-lifers, with pictures of aborted fetuses shoved in your face. Imagine this swath of angry people, following you from your car to the door of the clinic, menacing you in a way that makes you feel terrified, belittled, powerless, and shamed. That’s the reality for a lot of females who seek the same protection the man is seeking in the gif.

It’s a fucked up world we live in where women have to endure this type of treatment in order to get help, education, and the resources to manage their own body.

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