My (25M) girlfriend (23F) is mad my little sister is sleeping over 1 night while she (GF) is on vacation with her family.

True, though I'd personally still feel a bit different about someone visiting for a few hours vs using my bed or bathroom... BUT - I also know that my bf is horrible at cleaning and that might be coloring my judgement a bit (he keeps the bathroom reasonably clean but the rest is... a bit questionable) - which would personally make me a bit self conscious about someone staying over if I hadn't had the chance to clean up stuff he might have missed/not seen as a big deal

There's also stuff I might want to move or clean a bit more thoroughly knowing someone would be sleeping over vs someone stopping by for an afternoon - move some of my clothes if the person would be using my closet, prepare fresh sheets and towels so the guest isn't stuck with dirty or worn stuff, give the bathtub a scrub, put away any meds/more personal belongings that I wouldn't want in plain sight etc

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