My sister and mother do this.

Fathers are fucked. No other way to put it. Please let me explain and you tell me where this is fair...

Been divorced since 2008. She was getting 1500/ month from me for my 2 kids. I had them 10 nights a month. She would not let me have them any more than that. I have a nice house, nice new wife and her kids. (BTW..ex got married again before I even got engaged to 2nd wife). I was making 75k at the time.. Ex was making 50k. Still got fucked by the courts and had to pay 1500/ month.. Go figure.

So I lose my job in 2010. She is still making her 50k and whatever her husband was making ( I know his salary doesn't fucking matter.. It all leads up to a long) Here is my HUGE mistake for all you newbies... We made a verbal agreement I would help as I was able. Now me and my wife have struggled for the last 4 years due to myself being unemployed or underemployed... And the ex knows this. Her and her husband make over 130k a year... My wife and I barely break 50k right now.

So my big mistake was thinking our verbal agreement meant anything... She served me with papers in November going All the way back to 2010 for non payment of child support. Let that sink in. 71,000 dollars of back child support she claimed. Again let me say this... They make over 2 1/2 times what we make currently... She knows I have no money and she was willing to put me in jail. Fucking vile bitch.

My lawyer advised me to show up with a decent chunk of money to avoid going to jail. So my retired parents put up 15k to keep me out. Taking that FUCKING killed me. I was willing to go away for a few months if I had to... But they and my wife would have pretty much disowned me if I did that, just for me to prove a point. So now as it stands... My ex got a check right before Xmas for 15k dollars and I still owe 56,000 that is taxed at a 9% penalty (thanks NY state).

So here we are... Me trying to find a decent paying job to be able to support my family and pay support to someone who is fully capable of supporting themselves. Remember, not all dads who can't pay are deadbeats...I see my kids as often as I can and she still won't let me see them more than 10 days a month because she was/ is afraid she would get less money from me.

I am sorry if this was disjointed or spelling errors.. Like most of you, I am pretending to be going #2 as I type this .

I really have so much more to add but kind of pointless unless someone wants to hear all the other fucked up fun stuff she pulls. In closing.. Men really do get fucked over. For every bad one.. Remember there are those of us who love their kids and just want to see them as much as possible. Oh.. Lastly.. If anyone knows any decent jobs in the Hudson valley NY area, let me know. Can't seem to get hired even at Lowe's or similar places even with a bachelors these days. Stay strong guys (and gals in similar situation)

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