My WW used to make fun of my height with her AP. How can I ever get over that?

She also swears up and down that everything she said to him were lies and just to keep him satisfied. But why? why did she want to satisfy him so much to the extent that she let him walk over my dignity?

Who’s to say that she’s not doing the same to you? As in, all this swearing up and down and saying it was all lies could in themselves be lies that she’s telling you. She may be doing anything and everything to appease you. The question is this: Is her word trustworthy?

If you are waiting her for her to fuck up, then I don’t think you need to wait any longer. I think she fucked up plenty and then some more.

My wife was cheating all through our engagement, marriage day and even honeymoon. The best days of my life she was sending pictures of her naked body to another man every chance she had. Fucking him while she was supposed to be in buying wedding dresses.

This is what you posted a month ago. Do you really think that she deserve a second chance?

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