NA Clash LFG Megathread - September 5th and 6th

Tier 3 Team LF a Top and ADC player.. Top will be playing weak side just a fyi.
Please be 18+ and have Discord as we are all in our 20s and our conversations will must likely be more adult themed... We will be locking in between 8:30-9:30pm EST.

ADD Cisaeoemired in game if interested..

PS. I'm an ex D1 player (Haven't been able to play much recently so my skill level dropped a bit, I'm hovering around Gold/Plat right now) but my friends and I are looking to make a Semi competitive team to play as five a lot more and join community tournaments to learn about team LoL and improve overall. So this could also me taken as a bit of a tryout if you are also interested in maybe joining our team.

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