National Trust warns of threat from ‘ideological campaign’ waged against it

Celebrating British heritage can only be included within the purpose if it does not exclude preserving places of historic interest, which means that they need to consider the bad bits as well

Now relate this back to the example of the black servant who didn't exist and the black Napoleonic soldier who never set foot in Britain. When it comes to the "bad bits" of British history, especially as represented by historical buildings in England, populations other than white English just barely factor in at all. They are not really part of England's history, colonialism happened abroad and it didn't last very long.

No it isn’t. It’s not a term really used for anything.

lol this literally shows it being used in the UK. I'm outside the UK and got a completely different set of results based on where I am. It is used commonly, and it is colloquial as I said. Is this a situation where you should have looked up the word colloquial before making yourself look stupid again? I think it is....

The bits that you take ideological issue with because they upset you. I don’t particularly care about an irrelevant discussion over what you personally deem acceptable.

Why don't you name a relic of the colonial past that needs preserving? Because there are plenty of historical buildings related to colonialism that are preserved by various institutions. What's being proposed is inserting it in places where it is not strictly relevant. Those are the examples we have. So where is this ignored past that we need to go out of our way to preserve? Name it.

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