New study provides statistical evidence that Trump supporters are racist

I think at some point this country has got to have a discussion on racism and racists, and we have got to make it crystal clear what those words mean. Many of you are too young to have seen the academic definition of racism take over about fifteen years back. Racist has come to mean what people used to call "prejudiced." It's like how we stopped using the euphemism "take advantage of" to mean rape and/or sexual assault. At some point, people just started calling a spade a spade, and a lot of rural, small town folks never got the memo.

I've seen it brought up in this thread. A significant part of the population thinks a racist is someone who actively tries to harm a minority or actively and consciously speaks about them in an extremely disparaging manner. They believe someone who is prejudiced, however, just doesn't have much nice to say about minorities outside of their presence. They'd even probably acknowledge that they stereotyped and generalized minorities when pressed.

Most people these days would call both groups racists. Just like we'd call a guy who "took advantage of" his date last night a rapist AS WELL AS some random guy who dragged a woman into an alley to do the same thing.

This becomes a bit of problem when we're talking about institutional racism and subconscious motivations because we end up with a lot of really offended people who just shut down and don't listen to the rest of the conversation because they think you're calling them something very different than you are.

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