Nice goredeinker buff

Goredrinker get nerf not real buff and jinx and kata and Talon This champions get fake nerfs and Yuumi healing is op and you cant counter the Yuumi healing so champion need nerfs not buff and lux is Strong so why she take buff

The thing that I took from this patch is that the balance team They continue nerf healing items like Goredrinker and They buff the Popular champions like lux and They cant gave the kata and jinx real nerf Because This champions are Popular and yep kata well stay in op tier in mid and jinx too There is no real change Because and I hope kata get real nerf For example They can Removal all physical damage in her Ability or maybe rework her Passive and I hope jinx get real nerf maybe They can nerf Kraken Slayer but I know
the Popular champion cant get real nerfs

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