NWALegends.com take on the matter...

Well from how you talk, you dont have children.

Let me enlighten you, we teach our children never to go to strangers, because its common sense. Never go to someones house, apartment or hotel room, especially if you dont know them or trust them.

Ive been following this SpeakingOut Movement, and its great! Finally the predators are being exposed and outed, its amazing that finally that side of Wrestling Culture is being talked about. Especially living here in Orlando and seeing the the Wrestling Culture down here is terrible, especially with Chasyn Rance basically taking over the territory (beside NXT).

However, there are some bad eggs that are just talking about people they hate and claiming it as sexual assault, and stuff like that can damage this empowering movement.

Now, when it comes to this Tweet, its fucked up sure, but they have a point, dont go into hotel rooms and all of that can be prevented. You have to see it in a parent POV, but you more than likely not.

Its also how they worded it didnt come across a good way, but I understood what they were trying to say. Got to read inbetween the lines.

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