US oil falls below $50 a barrel

But when you figure in free health care, it's still a bargin.

Have you tried using the NHS lately? I imagine not, since you don't live in the UK.

You literally have to queue up in the morning for 30-60 minutes just to get your ten minute appointment later that day, in many parts of the country, or wait weeks. You can't access any other services in the NHS without going through your GP first, unless you're literally dying on the spot. It must be the surgery you're registered with, it takes weeks to transfer between surgeries.

Is just the start of it. It's probably marginally better than the crazy US system, if you can get through all the barriers and actually get approved for the help you need, but the rest of the developed world have public healthcare systems as well where you can actually see doctors who listen to you. In the UK they seem to just fuck around, while being openly contemptuous and trying to get rid of you, then if you do get seriously sick from it all they refuse to hear any complaints because it's their "beloved" NHS and "the envy of the world" apparently.

What is going to happen is the middle classes will all get Bupa or something, health insurance like in the US, it will be functionally the same the US with the NHS existing in name only, while the Brits still smug about the NHS because apparently the only other countries in the world are the US and Somalia.

They rightly complain about both the Tories and Labour destroying the NHS and giving contracts to private companies like G4S and Serco while cutting funding (the NHS is one of the cheapest healthcare systems in the developed world, you can tell), but for some reason refuse the connection between those problems and delicing standards of care, even after things like Mid Staffordshire and the Care Quality Commission saying the problems are widespread and there are huge and unacceptable regional variations in care.

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