Pay back is a bitch

I used to work with this older chick, let's call her Mary, and she was a complete pill fiend. I had a falling out with her after she burned me. She had asked me to see 20 of her 15s so she could buy her kids Xmas gifts. I said sure when and where, and she said ASAP. So I got the money together and tried texting and calling for over 4 hours and she was ignoring me. I didn't understand bc why would someone ask you to sell their drugs (plus she had asked me to do it multiple times that day) and then blow you off. I've sold pills for her before so I was really annoyed. She finally texted me that she was stuck at home and couldn't leave, then 10min later I passed the bitch driving down the road from my house. I guess she changed her mind since she wanted the pills for herself, but why the fuck couldn't she just tell me that instead of lying, especially considering that she begged me all morning to find ppl to buy them?

A week later it was Xmas day. She had been blowing my phone up saying she was so sorry and that her phone had gotten stolen (yeah right) but she had a motive for texting me. She was out of pills and dope sick. She knows I have direct access to 30s and she knows I know where to buy pills and subs. She's only lived here a year and doesn't have many friends and I am her only drug connection. I was still pissed off at her for fucking me over and lying to me from before so I didn't answer her. Later that night I went outside to smoke and I caught that bitch red handed snooping around in my car. (There's a stash spot I put my shit when I'm driving, and she's seen me put pills in there, so I assume she thought she'd find some drugs in there) she saw me and jumped in her car and left.

Like I said I'm her only drug connect, but she does know 2 of my dealers because they also had worked with us. So i called them up and told them not to sell to her if she called. Sure enough she called them both that night and they both said no and not to call again.

She even got so desperate that a few days late she texted me a long long apology followed by a plea for a hook up because she's sick. So now because she's a shitty lying little thief she's going to have a very hard time finding her next fix:) oh and she got fired for calling out so much (She was too dope sick to work)

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