Pentagon official testifies that she was told Ukrainians were alarmed by stalled aid

Congress does control how much aid, but just as Obama, he can pull aid or delay its dispersal, if it’s warranted. Like Biden did.

Not without approval from Congress, as I cited in my previous response

Cooper eventually figured out two ways the President could legally withhold security assistance, but both required notifying Congress, which the administration never did.

No idea where Nixon falls into this, he’s been dead a long time, and his resignation didn’t have anything to do with Ukraine, which wasn’t even a country then.

Uhhh I was clearly referring to the articles of impeachment for Abuse of Power, Contempt of Congress, and Obstruction of Justice...

You are right, I didn’t bring up a single article written by someone that hates Trump to prove that Trump is the the President and Commander and Chief, Perry sure that’s common knowledge.

It's also common knowledge that Trump's only role in spending is to veto or not veto bills from Congress. That's like, 3rd grade level civics...

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