People aren't "sensitive" for reporting flamers

Reddit is full of fucking delusional nerds that don't know shit about the real world, sports and stuff and live in their own world. First of all this post has some pretty good points, for example if you let your emotions get to you that much, you ARE sensitive in a way indeed, but in a completely different way than someone that gets offended very easily. Also you are 100% right that people don't wanna get screamed at, but you know what? At the end of the day, that shit is going to happen and you should be able to deal with it, handle it properly and mute the damn guy or just ignore what he says and try to calm him down.

The difference between a healthy player and a toxic one is that the healthy player experiences those emotions, deals with them, but keeps it to themselves. However a toxic person experiences these emotions, can't handle it and makes everyone else feel worse just because he can't control himself, flames, rages, and deflects blame calling everyone else "sensitive" when they don't want to deal with their awful attitude that brings everyone down and blames the system for punishing him even though they're fully aware of the consequences when they signed up.

You wanna know something? The difference between the "healthy" player and the "toxic" player is that the "toxic" player takes winning FAR more seriously than the "healthy" player, and he also has a hard time holding his emotions. That's it, different people react differently on different scenarios. You might not give a fuck if you lose 20 LP, but someone else cares a lot and doesn't like losing them. That guy is more likely to lash out, it's not only him being the "toxic" guy, it's also him being a completely different person that would react different than you would.

Riot should encourage players to use the goddamn mute button more frequently and learn how to handle trashtalkers better instead of acting like their fucking mother trying to convince them that everyone and everything that's not licking your balls is negative. People have actually been convinced that someone that says "GG EASY" to you should be punished, that's as fucking pathetic as it gets. You can report as many players as you want, at the end of the day, you're still gonna get upset when someone talks shit to you, whilst if you learned how to handle that, you would be fine and not care as much.

And you know what, I wouldn't call someone a "crybaby" ifhe doesn't like being told to kill himself, because neither do I, and I've played online games for many years that I'm used to it and I barely give a fuck if someone says anything bad to me. I'd call someone a crybaby if he simply stops bothering/trying ingame because someone flamed him. Don't fucking tell me that you wanna "lose the game" and that you "don't care anymore" because someone flamed you, because if you do that you're only a fucking hypocrite that also ruins the game for the 3 other people that didn't do anything, simply because 1 guy said something bad to you. I'd also call someone a crybaby if he gets offended for literally fucking nothing. I can't fucking stand people accusing me of flaming them because I asked them why they started a 4v5 teamfight or why they didn't pay attention to my pings and died.

Anyways I typed too much and I simply can't bother atm. What I'm trying to say is that you bring some reasonable points, but you are also totally wrong on a lot of things.

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