People see me as a boy and not a man? + Other concerns

People usually don't acknowledge my presence in social situations. I can even be referred to but they won't even look at me, they'll just turn their head slightly and not even look at me. I'm not told to have a nice day like other people are when leaving a store.

Why does that relate to the title?

For example, I see intimacy as very personal, and if I do something sexual with someone and then they don't want to e.g. go on a date with me later, I feel hurt.

No one likes rejection.

Nobody will take me even remotely seriously as a human being.

You get treated how you let people treat you.

and didn't get the same chances to socialize growing up.

Okay, so are you going to use that as an excuse and whine about it, or are you going to try to overcome it? Because certainly one of those responses sounds like what a boy would do and one sounds like what a man would do.

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