"Personality matters more." made me have major depression for 5 years.

Yeah, looks are super important. Not just in romantic pursuits but pretty much everywhere else, too. The Halo effect is real.

But the good news is it's possible to entirely compensate for being ugly. Just look at someone like Jocko Willink. Dude is ugly as fuck, but you know he can bang a 10 whenever he wants to.

I think you offer good advice. My advice to ugly dudes is to become the strongest, most dominant man in the room. Shave your head, bulk up, start taking cold showers, be ruthlessly efficient with your time management (the basis of competence) and practice not taking shit from anybody. Make yourself into a strong, mean, disciplined motherfucker that can take on any challenge and all-comers.

Dudes will get the fuck out of your way and the women will swoon.

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