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I started EVE Online with my best friend in September 6th, 2009. At the time, I merely played it for aesthetics for about a month. This is about when I learned to start playing this game a tad more seriously It was rather odd going into low sec to help a guy out at the sun. He convo'd me and required my assistance. I obliged. In my fail fit maelstrom.

Then we created our own corp. I read a lot about the game. Practically mid term study this bitch to the point where I was in wormholes 2 months into EVE. At the time, wormhole space was still vastly unexplored, populated, mapped, charted, bla bla you know. Bunch of techies running around with gadgets in the forest when its a lot better without. Ran into a few more individuals across the world which we recruited into our group. Despite distance, they became apart of our community. Molded into a efficient group as tight knit as best buds can be. We dipped out of w-space to try other activities. High sec noob corp was the first with Goshee and his fascinating tales on erectile dysfunction. I was in fleet mining in the background.

I got ISK greedy and became a missioner for some reason after that. We all piled in and had fun. Trained all over the place. Free as a butterfly, un-attached to the strictler eve style that maintained you train one way, have this much sp, so I created my own corp again. Having a merry band wagon of my friends IRL to game with was well worth it. I recommend this if possible for anyone interested. Wormholes, low sec, and practically all other activities were the highlight of eve time. Anything else by myself wasn't as interactive. The only other time was in HK.

Then we ventured out to a merc corp and I wrecked hek. We decimated all the corps that actually fought back. It was a nice taste but I eventually got over that hump of going to low sec/null sec for pvp. I feared the worst starting in the game knowing of insta-lock camps, drake fleets, thousands of sabres, ect. Then I became a pirate. Oh how I loved being in low sec both inbetween null and high, lots of C3's to farm (There are hundreds of C3 static low sec connections out there) and smartbombing pods. I then encountered my first fleets. It eventually split off to null sec fleets where my guardian role became more useful. Useful it was. I ended up tri-boxing pvp logi and keep in mind, my whole eve career has been on this wee thing. Was in npc null sec and we tackled a carrier. An archon barely out of docking range and we bumped him off. I kept energy on the neuters and reps on the damaged guys. Then they undock a chimera and a few support ships. Bait? Noobs? Well. Then the archon started SHIELD RR'ing the armor tanked chimera. I got out of there. Shit was weird.

Some time after, I went back to w-space where I joined this alliance in a c2. I stayed 2 weeks. I don't know how but they pissed someone off and got evicted by 4u services. They nicked my hauler and I said fuck it, ran for the HS, and left asap.

Then I joined a C5 group. Not really as popular as they were now, Hard Knocks Inc. was the shit. They ran stuff the way I liked it. A years time being in the group, I felt un-attached from my main guys. Abandoned? No. We have our TS, other games, and activities outside of the computer. But the way eve connects you with your already close friends make you feel like a band of brothers.

I was the first. I started this game with high hopes, and it was so, so much more. Then I recruited my buddies and taught them like the senpai I was. They sadly were an attached gf and could do nothing without me.

p.s. I left my incursion out of this. I don't ever want to go back. The only guys I liked were TDF.

p.p.s If I had the chance to make amens, selling a character is the biggest mistake you can EVER make. I've never bought a character in eve, its more meaningful to create your own guy.

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